Nicholas Jitkoff
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Web, 2021
Lovely wallpapers for your devices, video calls & more. with altse. source.

Figma Plugin, 2020
Leave emoji, stickies and feedback though a variety of responses directly in your Figma documents in real time. source

Web, 2020
Quick timezone comparisons that expand in chat clients

Web, 2019
Share work in Figma across a company's design teams.

iOS, 2019
Make QR codes right from the Action button in every app, with nice custom icons and labels that help people identify what they're opening.

Web, 2019
Basic forwarder for hacked Kindle Touches. Also, task management.

Web, 2018
Compresses tiny sites into their own link, allowing for them to contain the entire body of a site. Inflated client-side with no server storage of content. source - creates sized-to-fit cutting mat - super smooth gradient wallpaper


Chrome Extension, 2018
New Tab Page with quick access to files, contacts and your schedule.

Web, Mac, 2018
Allows meeting participants to emote during presentations and more.


Web/Python, 2018
Content publication system based on Dropbox Paper

Chrome Themes

Special Dark Blue, Cherry, and Gray (There is not much special about them, I just wanted them)
Plain macOS Gray, for those who like standards.

Mac, iOS Game, 2016—
Villainy is a game about making words. Quickly—Quicker than your friends. Or maybe it is about taking words? From your friends —Or does that make them your enemies? Make words, take words, *win*. Do it quickly, don't get caught, never apologize.

Web, 2017
Creates custom icons for the iOS home screen using emoji or other text. with altse. source. / Automaton

Node.js, 2013
Javascript- based home automation infrastructure that links events and commands on your network-aware devices. With a crazy number of modules. With gmurphy - source

Instagram, 2012
The loveliest bulldog that has ever waddled on this earth. With tyashford

iOS App, 2008
Simple, hourly chimes for your phone. With altse

Seeburg Mechanism*

Mac, Hardware, 2008
A rebuilt Seeburg Golden Jet, with the record mechanism replaced with a Mac mini. It had a time-travelling music control knob.


Mac, iOS, Server, 2007
A multitouch aware virtual space for games, brainstorming and more. Play cards or board games with others. source


Mac App, 2007
Sometimes you should be afraid of the light. Mac app to invert the screen and turn it grayscale. Made for limi. source


Mobile Web, Mac. 2007
A Mac app that allowed the (then) web-only iPhone to remotely control the screen, launch apps, and more.


Web, Mac, 2006
Preference Pane to access hidden MacOS settings. source


Mac App, 2007
Visor provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hotkey, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake. source

Mac App, 2003
Act without DoingSearch and Action tool for the Mac


Mac App, 2001
Artistic, parameterized clock making tool.


Web, 1999
Browsable web albums


Mac, AppleScript, 2000
Simple Beats-per-minute tagger for iTunes


Filemaker, AppleScript, 2004
Music database backup and bulk editor for SoundJam
* Unreleased or internal



dropbox.designWeb, 2019
New Dropbox AppMac, Windows, 2019
Dropbox RebrandBrand System, 2017


Google RebrandBrand System, 2015
Material DesignDesign System, 2014
KennedyDesign System 2011
Chrome OSOS & Hardware 2010

ChromeBrowser, Mac, 2009
Voice SearchiOS, Android App, 2008
Google.appiOS App, 2008
Quick Search BoxSearch App, 2007Code