A guide for temporarily replacing your face on a video conference with giant emoji, memetext, and gifs.

But first, caution — Emoting in meetings can be extremely amusing and extremely disruptive. Use your power wisely.

Prep: 129MB
Cook: 15 mins
Yields: Endless diversion

Recipe via: @stakelon and @alcor,
with refinements from



  1. Install OBS -

  2. During setup, you can ignore the options around streaming - they don't affect things.

  3. Open in your web browser. Sign in*, and it will give you a unique url. Copy it.

  4. Under Sources, click ➕ and add a Video Capture Device for your webcam.

  5. Under Sources, click ➕and add a Browser

    • Set the url to the one you copied earlier, (

    • Set width to 640, height to 360

    • FPS - set to 15

    • Delete Custom CSS

  6. Resize those layers to cover the whole canvas, if needed

  7. Click Start Virtual Camera in the lower right

  8. Look for OBS Virtual Camera in your video chat tool of choice**

  9. Type, select emoji, or search for a gif. The version in the browser will control the one in the video. Hijinks ensue.

* Gmail accounts are used to give you a unique id that no one else can modify** but not FaceTime 😭


  • This Chrome Extension lets you create a much smaller floating window for your emoji controller

  • Add ?noto to the end of the url to use the excellent Noto Color Emoji (

  • Right click an item in history to remove it